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The Full Story


During my tenure in the Marines, I took pride in ensuring that my fellow servicemen not only performed their duties with excellence but also looked their best. This commitment extended beyond the call of duty. In the confines of our barracks, I transformed the space into a sanctuary of precision haircuts, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity among us. 


In the crucible of Iraq, a conversation with my battle buddy illuminated the path forward. He spoke of returning to his Hawaiian roots, a dream he held close. When the question turned to me, I couldn't help but consider my own passion for the art of barbering. From this reflection emerged the concept of All American Barbershop, a haven where every American, irrespective of their background, would be welcomed with open arms. It would be a space defined by unity, acceptance, and the celebration of the American spirit. 

- JL. USMC 2007 IRAQ



"Consistency, Attention to Detail, and Availability to our clients, is what sets us apart. All American Barbershop is here to Tailor to the All American Man." - JL.


" All American Barbershop is a place where exceptional grooming meets unwavering camaraderie, born from a Marine's dedication to unity and inclusivity, providing a sanctuary for every American, regardless of background, to feel welcomed and celebrated." 

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